Groupings needed on an energy system for it to work with solph.

If you want to use solph on an energy system, you need to create it with these groupings specified like this:

from oemof.network import EnergySystem
import oemof.solph as solph

energy_system = EnergySystem(groupings=solph.GROUPINGS)
oemof.solph._groupings.constraint_grouping(node, fallback=<function <lambda>>)[source]

Grouping function for constraints.

This function can be passed in a list to groupings of oemof.solph.network.EnergySystem.

  • node (Node <oemof.network.Node) – The node for which the figure out a constraint group.

  • fallback (callable, optional) – A function of one argument. If node doesn’t have a constraint_group attribute, this is used to group the node instead. Defaults to not group the node at all.